Guest Post!

Good morning, all!  I am excited to be sharing an article I wrote for Hello, Dearest this month.  Hello, Dearest is the blog for MOPS International–an awesome group of moms that have blessed me so much already with their encouragement, funny stories, advice, organizational/craft skills, playdates and general willingness to share this crazy adventure.  If you’re a mom (even a newbie like me) and you have the time, I would definitely encourage you to find a local chapter and check it out.  More information can be found on their website, and HERE is the link to my article, entitled “The Goodness of Shared Wisdom”.  I talk about my reaction to the advice I got during my pregnancy.  Don’t worry, it’s not a complaining post.  🙂  I’d love it if you would click on over.


First Anniversary and Guest Post!

Today Bryan and I celebrate one year of marriage!  I have a really sappy post that I will share later reflecting on our wedding day and this first year as husband and wife.  For now, I am honored to have my “How We Met” story featured at HopefulLeigh.  I have become a faithful reader of Leigh’s refreshingly sincere and poignant posts.  She’s been doing a series of guest posts on this topic (what a brilliant idea), and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading others’ “How We Met” stories.  Each one is unique and beautiful.  I hope you enjoy mine and stay for a bit to peruse Leigh’s wonderful blog…

I didn’t date much after my freshman year of  college.  I decided that ending relationships was too hard.  I was no longer willing to suffer through that sickening feeling of knowing that it wasn’t right.  One day toward the beginning of my semester in Oxford, I walked to University Parks and sat under a tree.  (click here to continue)


Good morning, dear ones!  Today I’m sharing a post that I wrote for the WONDERFUL folks at (in)courage.  I am so honored to be featured here.  I love visiting their website because it makes you feel like you’re snuggled up on the couch with a mug of something hot and delicious having a heartwarming conversation with a trusted friend.  Please click over to read my thoughts on crying (it’s more upbeat than it sounds) and explore the inspirational thoughts of the ladies who write for this wonderful website.

Happy November, by the way!  🙂