World Cup Fever & Sicilian/American Weddings: Romance+Food=Happiness


Today I continue my recap of our trip to Italy!  This may or may not be interesting to read, but I want to remember the details.  🙂  So, here we go…

The bride and groom, along with the groom’s family, were wonderful hosts.  They reserved rooms for us at a B&B in a great location with a big wrap-around patio.  That first morning, we had a Sicilian breakfast of pistachio croissants and granita.  Granita is like a snow cone, almost.  I had them twice in Sicily–coffee and amaretto the first time and strawberry and lemon for the second one.  We rented a car along with two other American bridesmaids, and Bryan masterfully drove us through the crazy streets of Catania, impressing everyone.  Driving in Costa Rica would make me nervous.  Sicily?  I think I’d just learn the bus system.  Dario’s mom made us a wonderful lunch of pasta with tomotoes, bread, fresh mozzarella with basil and chocolate for dessert.  Deliciousness

We arrived in time for me to attend a bridal shower.  It happened to be the day that Costa Rica played Italy in the World Cup.   The plan was for the men to go out for pizza while the shower was taking place at the house of Dario’s sister and her husband.  They had graciously offered to let Bryan watch the game at their house before the shower.  My brave (?) husband put on his Costa Rica soccer jersey.  For those of you unfamiliar with the World Cup, Italy has traditionally been a very competitive team.  Costa Rica was happy just to qualify to go to the World Cup.  So, understandably, Bryan thought he would be safe to wear his jersey.  Fast forward to the last half hour of the game.  Husband is perched on the edge of the couch next to me doing a good job of containing his sheer delight while Italian men float in and out of the living room, eyeing the screen with frustration.  “Feel my heart,” he says.  It was racing.  Moments after the game ended with Costa Rica WINNING 1 to 0, I watched him walk away with a group of twenty or so Italian men in his bright red and blue official Costa Rica jersey.  I was a bit nervous for him, truth be told.  Afterward, I learned that they were good-natured about the whole thing, teasing him that the winner buys pizza for everyone.

You can barely see Bryan in the back left corner wearing his Costa Rica jersey proudly.
You can barely see Bryan in the back left corner wearing his Costa Rica jersey proudly.

All the ladies got our hair done for the big day.  I was glad Andrea advised me to bring a picture of the style I wanted since my Italian is not so good.  I went for a kind of Elsa from Frozen look.  Simple, elegant, and lasted all night…Elsa hairWedding date

I loved the bridesmaid dresses, too.  The wedding was outdoors, overlooking the Mediterranean (I know!!).  Wedding aerialThey wrote their own vows, and the ceremony was in English and Italian.  It was so emotional and just super romantic.  I love weddings.  (sigh)  The groom’s two nieces and two nephews could not have been any more adorable.  Pre-weddingThe ceremony was followed by appetizers, then we moved inside for a four or five course meal.  Then there was dancing with a live band.  I have no skills, but there was still fun to be had.  Dancin'Then we went back outside for a feast of desserts.  Wow.  The whole thing went from about 6:00pm to about 2:00am.  One thing is for sure.  Italians know how to throw a wedding!Toast

Most importantly, I was so honored to be a part of the festivities, and I’m so, so happy for my friend.  Dario is head over heels for Andrea, and I can’t tell you how much joy it brought me to see them so happy together.  Husband & Wife

In the next post, we’re off to Venice!  🙂


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  1. What a fantastic trip! Love the story of your hubby in his Costa Rican jersey with a racing heart. So much fun!

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