Day Fifteen: Juan and Douglas


Douglas and Juan are two of my husband’s best friends in the whole world.  They’ve all known each other since they were young chicos in school, and I know that Bryan wouldn’t be the man he is today without their support and encouragement.  Their loyalty means a lot to him…and to me.  Douglas is hilarious and fun-loving and has a huge heart.  Juan is pensive, sweet, sincere and steady.  They are good people that I am proud to call my friends.

I have so many great memories with these guys, and I love the time we’re able to spend with them whether in Texas or Costa Rica.  They watched me and Bryan fall in love that autumn when I was in language school, and they made an effort to get to know me—helping me with my Spanish, enjoying my cooking, making sure I found the right bus routes.  🙂IMG_2002Having both of them travel to Texas to be groomsmen in our wedding was a blessing I won’t ever forget.  wedding -23 reception-46They have always been supportive of our relationship, and that means more to me than they probably realize.  I know they miss their friend who lives in Texas with me now, but what makes their friendship genuine is that his happiness is their happiness.  Juan is coming to visit in December, and I can’t wait!  They are welcome in our home anytime.


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