Day Fourteen: Commiserating


When I think about grad school, I remember long hours in the library.  I remember doing some tough self-reflection and stretching myself thin trying to balance internships and research.  I remember sleepless nights thinking about client situations that made me feel helpless and eating toast for dinner while I survived on a stipend.  It was challenging.  Once you finish something like that, you’re always glad you did it.  Now I have that degree, and I always will.  But that’s not the only reason I’m glad I did it.

Reflecting on that season of life, I think about conversations and experiences shared with friends that encouraged me along the way.  My colleagues from the program are scattered far and wide now living out their callings in a wide variety of ways.  We listened to each others frustrations—empathizing, validating, blowing off steam together.  The commiserating was crucial.  It was the passionate, intelligent fellow future social workers I studied alongside that made my grad school experience so rich and memorable.  I’m thankful for them and the work they’re doing now to make the world a better place.



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