Day 2: The Friends Who Help Us Get Where We Need to Go


I think God knew that I would need Jordan with me in Costa Rica.  When she found herself with a few months to travel before joining a law firm and I found myself wanting to study Spanish again after a missed opportunity following college graduation, we booked our tickets and set off on an adventure.  She and her cousin, Shannon, are the reason I met my husband.  (You can read that story here, if you’re interested. ) And she is a big part of the reason I dared to hope that we could be together.  

Taxi in San Jose

Jordan is vivacious, spontaneous, outgoing and smart as a whip.  She set up our first meeting and affirmed my attraction to him along the way.  She encouraged me when I doubted that I should open my heart and celebrated with me when I started to realize that I had found something very real and special.  Jordan and I traveled and studied together that semester and talked about everything.  I trusted her, and having her support gave me confidence in my desire to spend time with Bryan.  Along with him and his two best friends, we had a blast exploring and practicing our Spanish.  When my rational side started to battle with my heart reminding me how crazy it would be to get involved with someone from a different country, Jordan was there to remind me that he was a really good guy.  She saw something between us, and she knew that it was worth pursuing.  Before too long, I couldn’t deny it, and the rest is history.  

I owe Jordan so much gratitude for her encouragement during what I now know was a very important time in my life.  It was incredibly cool to share in the joy of her wedding and have her there to celebrate with me at mine a few months later.  

Jordan and Shannon

When I think about what she did for me, it makes me want to be that person for my friends.  I want to really engage in conversations with the people that God places in my path and pay attention to what is going on in their lives so that I can help them identify goals and desires and give my encouragement.  I think a lot of us need a little nudge or validation or show of support during those crucial crossroads moments.  Obviously, I know firsthand what a gift that is, and I want to pay it forward.  So, friends, if you need someone to listen and walk with you through a confusing time, please know that I’m here.  🙂


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