A Stone in my Kidney and a Song in my Heart

It’s been an interesting season at Casa Rodriguez.  Bryan seems to be settling in at work and loving city life.  Such an urbanite, that one.

For me, work got really crazy when we found ourselves understaffed while I was still learning the ropes.  Just as that situation started to settle down, my “trick” kidney started giving me trouble.  Some people have a trick knee.  I have a trick kidney.  Believe me, it wasn’t a great feeling to have a urologist at the age of seventeen, but I know I’ve been very blessed compared to so many.  Since my senior year of high school things have been okay– until this past month.  Turns out I had a 10mm kidney stone floating around in there, and it hurt.  I had it blasted last Thursday (under general anesthesia, of course), and I’m recovering now…


There is nothing like being completely helpless to make you realize just how loved you are.  The way my family and friends stepped up to support and encourage me warmed my heart and truly uplifted me.  I think that with all the stress of work and moving to a new city and doctor’s appointments, I started to feel overwhelmed and anxious—like I had to tackle all of my problems on my own.  When this happens, I subconsciously withdraw like a turtle into my shell, only realizing retrospectively that I’ve done this.  Anyone who has experienced this can tell you, it doesn’t really help.  Oh, the life of an introvert.

When I had surgery, I had no choice but to let others help.  Having my husband and family cook for me and care for me, receiving texts and phone calls from friends, family members, coworkers and even my college brothers, really resting mentally, physically and emotionally…this was just what I needed.  I think God knew that.  And now I feel like I’m climbing out of this little valley that I’ve been through these past few months.  I am happy in my work and in my new home.  I feel good about where Husband and I are right now and where we hope to go.  Where I felt anxiety, now I’ve got a song in my heart.  (Hey, I know it’s cheesy, but I just couldn’t pass up this title.)  🙂  Thank you, God.

Coming up, I will be participating in this.  I have missed writing here, and this seems like a perfect way to throw myself back into it.  🙂  Since my BFF, Lisa, is the one who invited me to take on this challenge, I’ve decided that my topic will be celebrating friendship.  The wheels are turning.  I can’t wait!  Have an amazing weekend, dear ones!  See you here on Tuesday.


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