You Are Special

Although I am an introvert, I love people.  I am fascinated by the way people interact and express themselves.  I love to notice the quirky tendencies that we each have.  I enjoy observing people in airports or at restaurants.  One of the reasons I love to read is because it allows me to delve into someone’s inner world.  I chose to study social work because of my love of people, too.  Social work has an element of unpredictability that I find appealing.  You never know what to expect when your work is client-centered.  People surprise you.  It’s never boring.  In the interest of encouraging us all to enjoy the beautiful tapestry of characteristics that make us who we are, I have put together a list of random facts about me.  I was inspired by an activity we did at a staff meeting recently.  If you are so inclined, I would love for you to make your own such list and link to it in the comments.  I want to hear about you, because you are interesting.  🙂

Random Facts About Me…

I’m very sensitive to smells.  It’s a blessing and a curse.

I love tracking packages online.  I LOVE it!

I never get tired of Bryan’s accent.  I still find it utterly adorable.

I’m leery of Microsoft Excel, credit cards, being trapped in small spaces, being confronted with an unexpected situation that requires me to be “on” and loud noises.

I only like concerts that are in smaller venues.  Also, commercials where people are yelling REALLY bother me.  Yikes.  Why does anyone think that’s a good way to sell a product?  Show me the market research that supports that method.  I mute or fast forward every time.

I get easily overwhelmed by details, so I avoid detail-oriented tasks whenever possible.  About the most I can handle is a two for one sale at the grocery store.  Sometimes even that feels too burdensome.

I love the heart and spunkiness and naivete and grace of the heroines in Jane Austen’s novels.  Elizabeth Bennet is my favorite (Pride and Prejudice), followed closely by Anne Elliot (Persuasion).  They are complicated and vulnerable, and it really resonates with me.

I always paint my toenails red.

I enjoy interacting with people of different cultural backgrounds and those who have lived outside the U.S.  I appreciate cultures like Costa Rica’s that value being people-oriented rather than task-oriented and taking life a day at a time–enjoying the moment, not overscheduling, being able to be spontaneous, etc.

Because of this, I am more protective of my time than many Americans.  I don’t commit to something unless it feels really worthwhile, which seems somewhat counter-cultural.

I have been keeping a prayer journal off and on since I was sixteen.  I write letters to God.  I know that he hears me either way, but the process of writing out my prayers has been therapeutic.  I have also learned more about the nature of God by looking back through past journals and reflecting on how he has worked in my life.

I don’t use the Oxford comma because I believe that a comma is meant to indicate a pause in the context of a list.  Having an “and” AND a comma seems redundant.

I really like the “first world problems” movement.  Since I began working with refugees, real issues feel closer now.

I am a hardcore night owl.  I blame my dad’s genes.  When left to my own devices, my natural body clock chooses 2am to 10am.  Needless to say, this is brutally incompatible with the adult world.

When I was younger I used to hate getting haircuts because I was so shy, and people would always notice and make comments.  I dreaded that attention.

During my angst-y junior high years I listened to Billie Holiday every morning while I got ready for school.  I found her songs soothing in the midst of the emotional turmoil that comes with the territory during those years.  What is this thing called love?  This funny thing called love…  Just who can solve it’s mystery?  Why should it make a fool of me?  (sigh)

I love shampoo.  My husband and former roommates know that I usually have three sets of shampoo and conditioner in the shower at once.  The rotation is good for your hair.  🙂

My feet are both short and narrow.  I sometimes shop in the kids section of the shoe store.

This combined with my poor hand/eye coordination and slow reflexes pretty much guaranteed from the beginning that I was not born to be an athlete.  I’m okay with this, having always been content to be what I call “active but not athletic”, but part of me will always wonder what it feels like to be the fastest person in the race or to hit a home run.

If my life was a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book (remember those, anyone?), I would want one of the options to be going to culinary school.  My sister and I had a pretend cooking show when we were small (before I had even discovered the Food Network).  I would love to learn how to chop things like a pro and know my ingredients well enough to almost never use a recipe.  But maybe I would need the culinary school to be in Costa Rica, because I would still need to meet Bryan.

I love to travel, but I have no desire to go on a cruise ever.  No thanks.

I can’t think of a good way to end this list, so…yeah, that’s it.  I did warn you that it was random.  Writing this was really a fun exercise in self-awareness.  What are some random facts about YOU?


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