The In Between


Well, it’s been a month since I’ve written here.  Adjusting is a delicate process that requires a lot of mental, emotional and even physical energy.  At least it has been for me.  Let me back up a bit.

We were so blessed to have many Abilene friends show up to help us move.  You never feel so loved as when people come to help you to load your possessions and send you off well.  We had the U-Haul packed in about an hour and made the journey without incident.  They didn’t have a midsize available, so Bryan got to drive a very large truck.  He didn’t seem to mind. IMG_4054From there, things started to get weird.  Monday was a holiday, and we took advantage of the free time to buy a second car.  We are now a two car family for the first time.  Our plan is to live in the middle, and everyday after we drink our coffee, we’ll get in our separate cars.  And he’ll drive north, and I’ll drive south.  It will be quite different than working/studying on the same university campus and having lunch together almost every day.  Hopefully, the time apart will just make our time together in the evenings that much sweeter (it will be homework free, after all!).  🙂  Monday night, Bryan drove back to Abilene to finish up a short course.  He stayed with our dear friends, Derek and Rachel (the couple he lived with before we got married).  Meanwhile, I stayed with my parents and commuted 45 minutes (or more) to my new job to start training.  It was a bit rough after two and a half years of my 4 minute commute.  I’m loving the new job, and I’m so thankful for it!  However, those three days were disorienting to say the least.  I wasn’t sleeping well, I was absorbing a lot of new information, meeting a plethora of people and reuniting with familiar faces from my time there as an intern back in 2009.  My favorite part was getting to observe the sweet lady I was replacing giving a refugee couple an English test.  I’ll have more reflections on the new job later.  Thursday night, Bryan returned and we watched my brother, Moses, graduate from high school.  It was a sweet moment indeed.  He’s a bit camera-shy, so I won’t post a photo.

Friday, we flew to Costa Rica.  Now the past two summers we have been spoiled to spend a month there due to Bryan’s status as a student and my work contract.  This visit was only a week.  It usually takes me three or four days to readjust to speaking in Spanish, living the Costa Rican lifestyle, etc.  So, as you can imagine, it wasn’t the most relaxing trip.  It was, however, wonderful and totally worth it to have some quality time with our precious family.  IMG_4090Bryan and I even snuck in a day at the beach.  Jaco is a special place for us.  It’s the first beach we visited together.  Bryan drove to a spot where he thought we might watch the sun set over the water, and we ended up on a totally secluded shoreline.  It was pretty magical, I must say.  Being near the ocean inevitably makes me feel small in a really good way and completely awestruck by the vast splendor of God’s artistry.  Can any of you relate?  Sharing that beach sunset with Bryan was one of those delicious, rare moments where time stands still.IMG_4132

When we returned to Texas, it was well into June.  Our plan was to stay with family in the area while we looked for a place to live and start a lease somewhere July 1st.  We moved our things to my aunt and uncle’s house very close to Bryan’s workplace and began our respective first weeks.  Bryan’s went well.  Mine was a bit more chaotic.  Though my aunt and uncle are geographically quite a bit closer to my office than my parents’ house, the roads are not great.  I’m embarrassed to say that it took me more than two hours to find my way back to their house through the traffic and construction after that first long day at the new job.  I might have even cried.  Low point number one.  We did enjoy having some time with my sweet family.  Some of the cousins were home, too, between jobs and degrees.  We went for walks in the neighborhood, played board games boys against girls (girls won, obviously) and enjoyed family meals together.  I wish I had a picture of my two red-headed cousins with their two red-headed dogs.  It was the cutest thing ever.  We moved back to my parents’ house the next weekend to stay there with my brother while my parents were away this week.

The saga continues in the next post…


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