Taking the Leap

It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted.  I’ve had some thoughts, of course.  Things have just been busy at work and with my family.  I’ve been helping struggling students and listening to webinars about campus safety and doing Q&A sessions with rooms full of PhDs.  Yikes.

We’re in the final stages (Lord willing) of the process of getting a green card for this guy.  I would really like it if he could stay in this country and work here, etc.  I’ve grown fond of him.anniversary trip

We made a trip home to celebrate the birthday of this lovely lady (my cousin, Zannah, in the middle).zannah's birthday

Now I’m settling into the semester a little bit and feeling ready to write again.  So, hello!  I’ve missed you.  I really love working at a university and having a work calendar that revolves around the academic year.  The rhythm of the semesters is comforting.  And I am a nerd.  I occasionally go to the library to be near books while I work, and it’s blissful.  My love of libraries needs it’s own post.  Anyway…

It’s true what they say about time passing more quickly the older you get.  Sometimes I’m talking with my college girlfriends or sitting in a meeting, and I think, “When did I become an adult?”.  It seems strange to me, still, that I am allowed to have responsibility.  People ask me questions and expect that I will know the answers.  Sometimes I do!  I pay bills and wear slacks.  I am a wife.  A WIFE.  Someday I might even be a mother.  I have been blessed personally and professionally, and it occurs to me that my confidence in my abilities in these areas is not always what it should be.  I’ve always been a bit timid, but there is a fine line between humility and low self-esteem.

For instance, having a blog is something that I pondered for a long time.  I put it off because I was convinced that no one would want to read about my little life.  It would seem self-absorbed, I told myself.  Now I wonder…To whom?  I love reading blogs of friends and family and strangers.  I am not bored by the life events of people I’ve never met.  I don’t find the fact that they write about their lives to seem overly self-important.  It’s fascinating, particularly if they are good writers.  I find myself empathizing with their struggles, cheering them on in their goals and relating to their experiences.  If people don’t want to read about my life, they don’t have to click on the link or type in the web address.  Blogs are not obnoxious.

My hope is that anyone who happens upon my writing here will find something that resonates, encourages, inspires or uplifts them.  Some of my favorite blog posts to read are earnest descriptions of the struggles we have trying to figure out our lives.  I think we can glean wisdom from sharing our struggles with each other.  I see beauty in the struggle.  I see God working in our hearts.  When I think about how my perspective has changed over the years, I can’t help but smile and think about how my future self will be smiling this same smile thinking about how I am now.  If that made any sense to you, then we must be friends.  🙂

I know I’m not alone in feeling ill-equipped to be an adult at times.  The truth is, no matter our age, we all have valuable experiences and stories to share.  Please keep sharing and believing that you have something worth saying, and I will try to do the same.


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