One Word for 2013. Celebrate!


I didn’t necessarily plan on having one word for 2013, though I like the idea.  I am cheesy enough to enjoy themes.  Sometimes trips have a theme.  A pattern emerges and an inside joke forms for the participants that lasts long after you return home.  Sometimes seasons of life have a theme.  I like the idea of being proactive as this fresh, new year begins and determining in advance what to focus on.  During these past few weeks of travel, Husband and I had a chance to reflect on the year ahead.  Personally and professionally, it looks to be an exciting year for us.

One day during the Christmas holiday spent at my aunt’s house, we went for a glorious walk in her neighborhood.  It was cold–but not miserably so, and we came across a large pond teeming with geese.  Just as we finished circling it, the sun began to set.  Pale pinks and oranges reflected on the calm surface of the water.  It was one of those otherworldly moments of stillness where you are reminded of God’s presence.  These walks are one of my favorite times.  I read that men find it easier to engage in meaningful conversation when participating in some kind of activity.  This seems to be the case with Bryan.  We have some of our best discussions when we’re in the car (him driving) or out walking or cooking together.  I told him about goals and dreams and ideas that I have been comtemplating for this next year.  We talked about things that we are doing well and things that we want to work on.  We discussed his impending graduation and everything that this might mean for us.  It was exhilerating.

When we were driving home from my parents’ house on January 1st and mentally preparing to get back to our routine for the semester, we decided on a word for 2013.  It was Bryan who came up with it–credit where credit is due.  This will be the year of celebration.  pb-121022-Dashain-kb-548p_photoblog900We will rejoice over the blessings in our lives and give God all the glory.  I’ve been working on having a spirit of thankfulness each day, so I love it!  There is ALWAYS something to celebrate.  I think this word goes nicely with the title of my blog, “Spring is in the World”.  It comes from a beloved poem.  Spring is a time for celebrating new beginnings.  The harsh winter is over, and we emerge from our hibernation to breathe in the fresh air.  Flowers bloom, animals frolic, and we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

I grew up quasi out in the country, and I’ve always cherished the opportunity to watch the animal activity that goes along with the changing seasons.  In the spring, we would discover baby birds and rabbits.  We were surrounded by neighbors with large pastures where we could watch colts and calves learning to walk on unsteady legs.  There is plenty to love about cold weather, of course, but spring is an amazing time.  This year, I want to celebrate the big and small joys that happen in our lives and remember that spring is in the world.  Bryan’s graduation in May will be the beginning of a new chapter for us.  I trust that God will open a door, and we will venture forth on unsteady legs.

Here are a few of my hopes/dreams/goals/plans for this year…

I’d like to spend more time outside,

be on time more often,

See my husband graduate(!!!!),

Come from a place of love in my interactions with people,

Eat smaller portions,

Continue to exercise often,

Be creative,

Have some travel adventures,

Build deeper relationships with existing friends and make some new ones,

Update my wardrobe,

Get rid of clutter,

Successfully grow and maintain at least two plants,

Use better posture,

Find a new service project/opportunity,

Write more frequently

Read more books

And celebrate every day, of course.  🙂

I’d love to hear what hopes/dreams/goals/plans you have for 2013.  Please share in the comments, and we can inspire each other!

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. jonstolpe says:

    Epiphany is my word for 2013. I’m excited to see God revealed in new ways in the coming year.

  2. Kara says:

    Great word, Jon! Thanks for sharing. Now I need to go read your post. 🙂

  3. My word to focus on this year is LOVE ( I know this should really be every year!). God has illuminated that word and all that it means to me recently. I endeavour to seek out this year all the facets of who God is (LOVE!), and let that love naturally flow out of me towards others.
    First step in the plan is to read a different book on the topic of love each month this year alongside a daily devotional with that focus.
    Looking forward to diving in…. 🙂

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