The Saga of the Two Dresses: Part Two

[If you missed part one of this story, you can catch up here.]  We left for Costa Rica, and I found myself thinking a lot about the dress I had picked for my “big day”.  Was it really me?  It was so far off from what I had imagined, but then again life is like that.  I pulled up pictures of the dress on my computer at night and wondered if I would really feel my most beautiful in it on my wedding day.  I couldn’t picture it.  It didn’t seem right.  I told myself for weeks that I was being silly and it would be fine.  It’s just a dress, after all.  As they say, it’s about the marriage–not the wedding.  I tried to convince myself that my concerns were shallow and materialistic, but I couldn’t shake this feeling of dread.  I had the groom I’d always wanted and the colors I’d picked out years ago.  Our family and friends including Bryan’s family and two best friends from Costa Rica and all four of my grandparents would be there–just like I had dreamed.  I just couldn’t help but struggle to imagine myself experiencing it all in that dress.

It became clear after about two weeks of this inner struggle that the situation must be remedied.  After all, if there was ever a time to splurge on fashion in order to get exactly what you want this was IT.  It was time to stop worrying about being THAT girl.  I wrote a long email to the owner of the boutique explaining my hesitation and asking if store credit would be possible.  I told her about the kind of dress I had imagined.  She graciously agreed to let me pick out another dress when we returned and apply what I had already paid toward it.  Immediately, I felt lighter and happier.  There was hope!

I returned to the shop in August with just my mom and sister.  The shop owner helped me pick out a couple of dresses that were more in line with what I had envisioned.  I put on a lace gown that was understated and classic looking.  IMG_1297
IMG_1295She added a bit of sparkle at the waist for a subtle touch of glamour and suddenly the clouds parted and a light shone down from heaven.  This was me at my most beautiful.  I could see it.  My mom and sister confirmed that the dress was beautiful and much more me.IMG_1315

We ordered it and did the fitting.  I am pear-shaped (maybe some of you can relate), and I’ve been different sizes on top and bottom for years.  What a wonder it was to have a dress that fit me so perfectly!  Can you tell I don’t usually spend money on tailoring?

On my wedding day, I felt amazing in my dress.  My girlhood fantasies of my wedding day were fulfilled with this gown, and I felt like my best self walking out to meet my future husband.  The added bonus was getting to wear my dress twice!  Bryan’s family threw us a beautiful reception in Costa Rica for everyone who couldn’t make the trip to Texas for the wedding.  DSCN1801If you saw a tall, dark and handsome man and a pear shaped blonde girl running through the Miami International Airport with a huge white garment bag last December, that was probably us.  It was quite a conversation starter in boarding lines.

So, what I learned from this experience, and what I hope we will all remember, is that it’s important to trust your gut.  In stressful situations, we mustn’t allow ourselves to get overwhelmed and make impulsive decisions.   We should hold strong to our ideals, and ultimately, go with what our hearts tell us even with little things like this.  It’s worth it.first look -16Surely I’m not the only one with a dramatic wedding dress story.  I’d love for you to share your own saga in the comments!  🙂


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  1. txstr8 says:

    I don’t know if my story counts as a saga, but all my wedding planning took place in the czech republic, where it is more customary to rent a dress than to buy one, and evidently renting a dress and having one sewn cost about the same. So after looking through a few bridal magazines and without trying on a single dress, I drew a picture of how I imagined my dress would look, and a local seamstress created it for me. My only shopping experience involved tram rides all over Prague to fabric stores to look at and choose my satin and lace. It was completely different from everything I imagined procuring a wedding dress would be, but at least my mom got to come to one of my dress fittings and see it in progress. Thanks for sharing your story, love you! -Elanor Joy

    1. Kara says:

      That sounds kind of awesome! 🙂 I remember seeing your engagement pictures and thinking about how magical it must have been to experience that in such a romantic place. If I recall, there was a horse drawn carriage involved. Thanks for sharing about your dress. Love you, too!

      1. txstr8 says:

        There was indeed 🙂 The day we got engaged and at our wedding 🙂

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