In Which I Squeal About Babies

Ohmygoodness.  There are so many babies on my Facebook newsfeed these days!  Is it because I’m in my late twenties?  Probably.  Is it because people can’t resist putting their small children next to a pumpkin and sharing photos of it with the world?  Most certainly.  It doesn’t really matter why.  I’m loving it!  I’ve always had a motherly nature (sorry younger siblings) and wanted to be a mom.  Now that I’m married, the idea has become exponentially more realistic which thrills and terrifies me.  I like to live vicariously through my friends who are making this journey.  I flip through the facebook albums of belly pictures and listen to birth stories of new moms, completely riveted.  It’s a fascinating, miraculous thing.  What an honor God has bestowed on us as women–to have the opportunity to bring new life into the world.  I know that many physical, emotional and mental challenges come with pregnancy and motherhood that I can’t imagine at this point.  I know that for some of us, this particular journey is an impossibility.  If God allows me to be a mother someday, I want to be mindful of this and not take it for granted.

My love of babies extends to the animal kingdom as well.  I’m allergic to cats, but if you present me with a kitten I just can’t help but snuggle it.  Babies are so pure and innocent.  They are completely vulnerable and this endears them to us.  The sense of wonder that they have about the world is absolutely captivating.  Their little brains are absorbing everything that they see and hear and feel and taste (’cause we all know they love to taste) and smell!  Husband and I don’t feel quite ready to start a family at this point, but of course, that is ultimately God’s decision.  I hope and pray that God blesses us with little Rodriguezes some day, but in the meantime I find great joy in the babies that I come into contact with.  Working in the nursery at church helps me to get my “fix”.  No matter what is going on in the craziness of life, it’s pretty much impossible to feel anything but great when a baby falls asleep in my arms.

We need to do more activities that make time stand still for us.  For me, those things include (but are not limited to) writing or reading, going for a walk outside when the weather is nice or taking an exercise class, praying or journaling, spending time with my husband, family or good friends, cooking something that smells amazing or holding a baby (human or animal)…these are things that I can get lost in.  I am thankful to have opportunities to practice these activities often.  I encourage you to make your own list and make time for these things that remind us what life is all about and help us recenter, so to speak.  Today, I am thankful for babies.  They remind me of the goodness in the world.  They remind me of the million little miracles involved in our creation and growth.  They remind me of a simpler time and how good it feels to be able to be needed and provide.  I see God’s handiwork reflected in their tiny, beautiful faces.  What are you thankful for today?


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