Autumn Nostalgia


Although I don’t love everything that goes along with Halloween (I’m not a fan of gore and violence),  I love this time of year for many reasons.  Pumpkins like this little guy, for example…How adorable is this?  I love the cooler weather that brings thoughts of possibilities and new beginnings.  I love that I always get inspired to bake breads and cobblers and make soup (which is on my top ten list of favorite foods) around this time.  I love burning candles that smell like cinnamon and apples and wearing cardigans.  In recent years, I’ve had a new reason to love this season.  Today is the three year anniversary of my first date with Bryan!

Time is an interesting phenomenon–more so as I get older.  How has it been three years?  I remember that night vividly…trying to achieve that balance of looking casual but still cute as I picked out an outfit, my heart beating faster as I listened to the Spanish love songs in the taxi cab wondering what the night would hold, seeing him approaching from a distance as I waited at our meeting spot in front of Teatro Nacional–his grin matching mine.  There was low, romantic lighting and live music drifting softly toward our table at that upstairs restaraunt in downtown San Jose.  We could feel the breeze from the open windows.  He was so handsome.  Our easy conversation lingered on for more than five hours (and included a Spanish/English dictionary).  It was the beginning of the end of my long season of singleness.  And though I wouldn’t allow myself to speculate about the future beyond my alloted time in Costa Rica, I could tell that night that this was something special.  You know that stirring in your soul that you feel when you can sense that something big is happening?  Well I felt it on that autumn evening in 2009.  And then I blinked, and now here we are.  Happy Fall, everyone!


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