Delicious Beverages

The cool weather is FINALLY approaching, and I think we appreciate it more because it takes such a long time to arrive here.  So that’s the good news.  August in Texas is kind of like living on the surface of the sun.  Happy birthday to me.  Where I live in the western part of the state, the heat is dry.  That means < sweating = good but > thirst = bad.  That’s probably the closest thing to a math equation that you’ll ever see on this blog.  🙂  Lately I am ALWAYS thirsty, but it occurs to me that no matter the season, I am someone who drinks a lot.  (Not a lot of alcohol, Mom)  I love coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, flavored waters, regular water…you get the point.  I thought it would be fun to write about some of my all time favorite drinks while I daydream about them.  So here they are, in random order:

1)  Peppermint Tea–  It is refreshing because of the mint flavor and soothing because it’s a hot beverage–a very appealing combination.  Also, it’s apparently good for reducing nausea. 

2)  Guanabana en Agua–  They have this fruit in Costa Rica (and other parts of the world, I’m sure) called the guanabana.  Not only is it a fun word to say, it has a delicious, sweet flavor.  It’s large-ish and looks kind of like a white watermelon on the inside.  (When we were coming back from our honeymoon, Bryan and I foolishly tried to get a guanabana through customs at the Miami airport.  It was a gift, okay?  We were not successful, and the security guy was definitely laughing at me with his eyes.)  Anyway, Costa Rica has fresh fruit drinks everywhere called “frescos naturales”.  It was so sad when Bryan’s mom was visiting Texas for the first time and was looking for the frescos on the menu at a Mexican restaurant.  Sorry, but in these parts it’s sweet tea, Coke or tap water.  Now she understands why I get so excited about ordering these when we visit.  Usually, you can order them in water or milk.  Guanabana en Agua is like drinking heaven through a straw.  Holy cow, it’s good.

3)  Fresh Fruit Smoothies (preferred fruits—mango, strawberry, peach, pineapple, banana)

4)  Frozen Coffee with Coconut–This is a favorite when I’m in the mood for a cold drink at a coffee shop.  The coconut adds the perfect amount of subtle sweetness to the coffee flavor.

5)  Coffee (preferably Costa Rican, of course)  I usually add a splash of flavored creamer.  I wish I could be more authentic and drink it black, but I’m just not one of those people.  I have a cup every morning.  My dear friend, Lisa, introduced me to milk (or half and half) and honey in coffee when we visited her family in California last spring.  It’s delicious and doesn’t mess with the flavor of the coffee as much.

6)  Boba Tea–If you are ever in the Ft. Worth, TX area, stop by Lieu’s Vietnamese Restaurant & Coffeehouse and order the Boba with Thai Tea, Avocado, Coconut, Mango or Pineapple.  These are just the ones I’ve tried so far, and they are all amazing.  It’s great as an afternoon snack or a dessert.  It’s just impossible to be in a bad mood while enjoying one of these.  Mmmm.

7)  Water–Sometimes nothing else will do.  It is pure and thirst-quenching and satisfying.  We need it.  I try to drink a lot, and I hope you do, too.

8)  Cranberry Juice–I’ve written about my love of cranberries before.  We incorporated them into the decor for my wedding.  It’s a serious love.  They are tart and sweet and good for your urinary tract.  I always get the 100% juice kind.  It makes me feel healthy.

What are your favorite drinks?  I’m up for trying something new!


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